Privacy and Cookie Policy

We respect your privacy.

We respect your privacy. Here you will findinformation on where and how United Trading preserves and manages your personaldata when you visit the website Should you have anyquestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

United Trading is the data controller for thepersonal data you provide through the visit and contacts with us and isresponsible for manage it in accordance with applicable legislation.

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The Privacy and Cookie Policy applies to anyone whovisits and uses the website, moreover, it appliesalso to the entire webpage.   

A user is any legal or natural person who uses or visits the website (hereinafter:the user).

By using the website, the user confirms that he or she agrees with this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

United Trading reserves the right to change any provision of this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time without prior notice. By continuing to use the website, theuser agrees to the changes.


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The user agreesthat United Trading collects and manages his or herbasic personal data for the purposes of its business,which the user provided duringvarious interactions with the website (business contact, job application,etc.).

The personaldata collected on the website are managed by the United Trading company.All website collected data is managed in accordance with this Privacy and Cookie Policy, which is publiclyavailable on the and is valid from 5 April 2022.


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United Trading collects and manages personal data of users to make the use of the website better and easier.

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The site collects the following personal information:

  • name, surname, or nickname,
  • e-mail address.


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The data isstored in a database managed in accordance with the editorial policy of the United Trading.

The user may at any time request in writing thedeletion of his data from the database. Data is not stored in the databaseafter deletion. UnitedTrading shalldecide on the request within 8 working days.

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In accordancewith the provisions of PersonalData Protection Act, the user has the right to checkwith United Trading the correctness of the implementation ofinsurance and processing of personal data. The user must announce at least 5working days in advance by requesting an inspection of the premises andequipment. Due to the protection of business secrets and other sensitive dataof the provider, the inspection is performed in the presence of an authorizedperson of the provider or in the manner defined in the security policy of thecontractual processor.


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Data protectionis provided by UnitedTrading. The company will not pass on the data to thirdparties and will protect it in accordance with its security policy.

The protectionof personal data is carried out in accordance with the Article 25 of Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data is protected within the legal, organizational, andappropriate technical procedures and measures to prevent accidental orintentional unauthorized destruction of data, changes or losses and unauthorizedprocessing of such data.


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Cookies aresmall text files that websites use to make the user experience more effective.

By law, cookiescan be stored on your device when they are necessary for the operation of thewebsite. We need your permission for all other types of cookies.

This site usesdifferent types of cookies. Some are used at the request of foreign sitesappearing on our site.

The followingcookies are used to ensure the functioning of all functions of the website:

·  The required cookies make the website useful as they provide basic functions such as pagenavigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website does not workproperly without these cookies.

·  Statistics tracking cookies are cookies that we need to track visits to the website to improvethe user experience.

·  Analytical cookies collect information about how visitors appear on a website toimprove the functionality of the website (e.g., which website is the most visited).All information collected by these cookies is so anonymous.

·  Functional cookies allowthe website to remember your settings and choices (e.g., username, language,region) and provide advanced, personalized features.

·  Advertising or targetedcookies are most often used by advertising and social networks (thirdparties) to show you more targeted ads.

The cookies used on the United Trading website do not collect personallyidentifiable information and may not damage your device. Cookies enable theoperation of our website and help us understand which information is mostuseful to our visitors.

The required cookies

The required cookies make the website useful as they provide basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website does not work properly without these cookies.

Cookie Duration Service Description
_iCD2 1 year It is used to store cookie decisions. The validity of the cookie is determined by the user.

Statistics tracking cookies

Statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors use the website by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Cookie Duration Service Description
_ga 2 years Google Analytics Performs a unique identity (ID) registration, which is used to generate statistics on how a visitor uses the website.
_gat Session Google Analytics The Google Analytics application uses a cookie to manage the number of requests.
_gid Session Google Analytics Registers a unique identity (ID) that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website.
_gcl_au 2 months Google Analytics Understanding user interaction with the site.

The cookies we use on our websitedo not collect your personally identifiable information and may not damage yourcomputer, tablet, ormobile phone. Cookies enable the operation of our website and help usunderstand which information is most useful to visitors.

Third-party providers on United Trading websites


This third-party service is not managed by UnitedTrading. Providers may, at any time, change their terms of service, purpose,and use of cookies, etc.


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This Privacy andCookies Policy applies from 5 April 2022 onwards.